The end is near…..

Well the end of 2010.  Hee hee.  I can’t believe the year is almost over and the new year is almost here.  I look forward to the new year and the challenge.  I am also pleased to see the comments and emails I reveived about “The 365 Day Project”.  A few people are going to shoot for a whole year like us, some are going to cut down to going out to eat once a month and others are just going to give it a try.  Pretty awesome. 

Before the month is over and the challenge begins, I plan to go eat at two places.  A local coffee shop that is opening at a new and bigger location.  Their tofu scrable and vegan breakfast tacos are to die for.  And we plan to give a Southern fried vegan trailer a try.  A friend is coming into town this weekend.  He and his lady friend want to check it out as well. 

The challenge will be fun and interesting.  I know there will be times where I really want to go to Whole Foods and grab some tacos or a slice of Daiya cheese pizza for the boys, but I plan on staying strong.  This week I am making empanadas, some to freeze.  And I am attempting tamales this weekend.  Fingers crossed they work, because I will freeze some. 

Well, I am off to eat some lunch.  Talking about all this food is making me hungry.  Keep me posted on your plans for the challenge.  See you in 2011!

peas and love….

Krys and the boys


About Krys

Hello there. I am a veggie mum of two boys. Our boys are elementary age, and one is special needs. I love to cook, and create delicious food. I am also an artist. When not being the frugal chef, I am riding my bike, gardening, making art, or spending time with my husband and boys.
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