Coffee, tea, or moneeeeyyyyy?

(picture, courtesy of marylamb)

When I mentioned the beginning of this challenge, someone asked me, “What about coffee?”  Well, what about coffee?  I will tell you.  Coffee is great.  I love love love it.  But, coffee can be expensive, going out for coffee anyway.  I know people who stop by the coffee shop everyday.  So, if you average the cost, this is what you get:

gourmet coffee $5×5 days a week=$25, $25x52weeks=$1300.  Whoa!  Holy crap!  That’s a ton of cash in my book.  Hmm, where could I travel on that amount of money, somewhere nice I’m sure.

regular cup of jo $2-3×5 days a week=$10-$15, $10-$15x$52weeks=$520-$780.  Wowza!  Once again, that is a lot of cash saved.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my local coffee shop and love to stop in for a good cup of jo. But during this challenge, I shall refrain. 

It is amazing to see how money adds up so quickly.  A little spent here and a little spent there.  Geez, it goes quick and takes longer to earn.

I am looking forward to the end of this challenge.  We have decided that the money we save from the challenge, we plan to use on a roadtrip to the Joshua Tree National Park. 

Good luck!  See you in 2011.


About Krys

Hello there. I am a veggie mum of two boys. Our boys are elementary age, and one is special needs. I love to cook, and create delicious food. I am also an artist. When not being the frugal chef, I am riding my bike, gardening, making art, or spending time with my husband and boys.
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One Response to Coffee, tea, or moneeeeyyyyy?

  1. funkyryan says:

    I’m so excited to see more of your posts. It’s easy to make your own cafe lattes & such that I don’t know why people pay crazy amounts of money for burned lattes at Starbucks.

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