Take away? No way!!!!!

Well this weekend was a bit crazy for me.  A friend asked if I could help out with a baby celebration and make 48 cupcakes and a cake for Sunday.  Needless to say, I did not leave the kitchen all day Saturday.  I was up to my eyeballs in cake batter and icing.  For a person who loves to cook, I was tired and so did not want to.  Ugh.  Times like this makes you really fight to complete the project and not order take away.  There is a lovely Thai place up the street as well as a vegan hot dog stand.  Did we order take away?  No way!  Instead I looked in the freezer and found some taco filling I had made a while back.  Josh made some homemade tortillas while I was icing cupcakes.  We had an avocado, salsa, and black beans in the fridge.  While the tortillas were cooking on the griddle.  Josh also chopped some potatoes for the tacos.  Soft tacos for dinner!  Delicious.  Thanks, honey.

Friday night I made pizza for us.  I made a BBQ chickUn pizza for me and Josh and a Daiya cheese pizza for the boys.  A friend said she started making her own pizza and loves it.  I have to say, I totally agree.  Homemade is so much tastier.  You can choose your own toppings and no worries about the cost of any additions.

Thursday Josh left work early sick.  Poor guy. He never gets sick and was miserable.  He had viral bronchitis.  I made a big pot of chickUN and dumplin’s vegetable soup.  Such goodness.  He said it hit the spot. The two little guys loved it too.  Our 2 year old ate a whole bowl full.

I almost forgot to mention. I made burgers Sunday night.  Veggie burgers of course.  Josh was feeling better and wanted a burger.  I served them with a side of roasted sweet potatoes.  We had some homemade buns in our freezer.  Mmm mmm.

How was your weekend?  How is the challenge/project going?  What have you been cooking?

Well I am off to make some soup.  Unfortunately I now caught the cold that has been running through my family.  Hope you have a lovely day.

peas and love….
Krys and the boys


About Krys

Hello there. I am a veggie mum of two boys. Our boys are elementary age, and one is special needs. I love to cook, and create delicious food. I am also an artist. When not being the frugal chef, I am riding my bike, gardening, making art, or spending time with my husband and boys.
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